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Dolphin Condoms

July 11, 2008
IntellX Makes the Inspiral Condom, too

Intellx Makes the Inspiral Condom, too

Before all the furries rush this post, let me explain. Intellx, makers of the InSpiral condom, have made the dive into creative condoms by offering a product line of new shapes, including phallic dolphins. Not just for wooing furries and young women with dolphin MySpace backgrounds, euphamism lovers of all ages can now disguise the penises in their lives with limitless possibilities for future prodcuts. The seashell shaped InSpiral, also by Intellx, rocked the industry by offering a condom with shaping that offered increased stimulation to the head of the penis with its creative shape. The extra latex is also reputed to be stimulating for female partners; no word on male partners. Anyone gay or bi men with experience using the Inpsiral? Let me know. The YourTube, by contrast, has is a form-fitting option without the reservoir tip. They also offer a female condom; however, it is not yet available here in the states. Condoms already offer the sexy advantage of reducing stress over STIs and pregnancy, and the colorful and flavored ones can make things fun. With new shapes in the process, playful lovers can keep it safe and creative all at once.

Visit Intellx’s sorta chaotic page (with media coverage links) – here

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