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70 and Getting Hotter

July 11, 2008
More of us remain sexually active as we enter our 70s. Photo - BBC

More of us remain sexually active as we enter our 70s. Photo - BBC

I’m on a roll with updates on sex in later life, so why stop now? Let’s go for three! A BBC News article reports that Swedish researchers did some innovative work in which they surveyed people in their 70s about their sexuality. Participants were both married and not, and the research took place over 3 decades to find trends in this age bracket as time passes. It appears that people in their 70s are enjoying increasing amounts of sexual intercourse and sexual satisfaction, including more orgasms for women! This may be related to increasing health, changes in societal norms about sex over the years, as well as other factors. It’s worth noting that the researchers defined sex as heterosexual penile-vaginal intercourse, or good old “P-in-V” as my friends and I call it. This means that the rates are probably even higher, since many people prefer other forms of sexual stimulation regardless of age and gender. It’s also generally less physically challenging to engage in manual, oral and other forms of sex, perhaps making it more enticing as we age. Plus, you know, these researchers are missing all the same-sex fun. They also did not investigate the frequency of sexual activity in their 1,500-per-year person sample. It’s time to really buckle down on sexual outreach, research and advocacy with our active aging population. This kind of news always puts a big grin on my face; the future is looking spicy!

BBC source article – here

British Medical Journal (published the study) – here

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