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Research Shows, Sex is Not Just for the Young

July 10, 2008

Granny panties aren’t so boring after all…

Recent research on STI rates in adults 45+ has shown something many of us knew but few talk about; sex doesn’t stop when the hairline recedes or heat flashes set in.  The majority of sexual health and outreach seems to be aimed at teens and young adults 25 and under, but folks 45 and older are turning up in record numbers… for diagnoses of sexually transmitted infections, especially HPV.  As noted just a few posts down, HPV can and should be tested for as it is linked to cervical cancer.  Ok, enough of the negativity.  While we still have a long way to go toward equal outreach across generations, I am pleased to see some research being done and getting press for mature adults.  It demonstrates the ability of research to impact policy, and it also declares the importance and significant rate of remaining sexual over the years.  Keep up the sexy times, but remember that condoms aren’t just necessary for preventing pregnancy, and so are important across the lifespan!  Check out my post on choosing the right condom for you – here. For my younger readers, now it’s your turn to offer your folks a chat about the birds and bees… and the condoms.

MailOnline’s source article – here

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