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More BabyBoomer+ Sex Research – Regular Fun Prevents ED

July 10, 2008
Photo by Amanda Rones

Photo by Amanda Rones

Think they’re on their way to little afternoon delight?

I strongly dislike the phrase “use it or lose it” when doctors apply it to sexual functioning. However, here it is again with some research to back it up. When it means that men are encouraged to have regular sexual activity throughout the lifespan then I might just be a fan of it this once. Some daring Finnish researchers have discovered a link between regular intercourse and lowered risk of moderate levels of erectile dysfunction. They did not note whether masturbation could have the same effect, although it seems implied from the article I read. Apparently the trick is to keep blood flowing to area often, especially as men age. In fact, the research itself was on men from age 55 – 75. Woohoo! And how much is enough? The researchers noted a cutoff of at least 1x per week. Come on now, we can at least give ourselves a bit of fun at least once a week. Now you even have some hard data to back it up. The article continues to note that getting the blood flowing is important after prostate surgery, as well. This matches what I learned from a wonderful presentation on sex after cancer while attending AASECT, in which the presenting nurse noted the high importance of achieving erections soon after surgery to prevent erectile dysfunction. Be sure to talk this over with your doctor, gentlemen, and if you doctor cannot advise you then it is time to find a new (or second) sound source of medical information for your sex life. And remember to keep using those condoms & lube!

original article from – here

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