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Cory Silverberg Explores Our Moans

July 9, 2008

Let that moan fly!

Promo video by Beautiful Agony

Can you tell I love Cory Silverberg yet? If not, you haven’t been reading long. Silverberg posted a recent entry to his page exploring what we know about why people moan during sex. Communication and arousal appear to be just some of the possible reasons, although Cory does invite the reader to vote for their own reasons. Since I’m a believer in the power of story sharing to educate and inspire, I’d like to share a bit of my own development in this area with you.

His write-up reminds me of the story on moans from Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues. I’ve seen that one performed at various degrees of quality around the country, and I usually end up giggling and impersonating moans with my friends & partners after the show. It wasn’t until I saw it in Athens, GA a couple of years ago that I first found it arousing, though. The monologue star was an attractive, mature woman and clearly an experienced sex professional. For those who aren’t familiar, the moaning monologue features the story of a lawyer-turned-professional-dominatrix who takes great pride and pleasure in producing deep and authentic moans from her female clients

I digress. When I first saw the show as an undergrad at Syracuse University, I identified with the main character’s story of the little girl who moaned while peeing, and then questioned the authenticity my own moans as learned behaviors. Like many adults of my generation (and younger) a good chunk of my sexual education came from porn videos. I went home and realized that my own moans were more a mimic of what I had learned women are ‘supposed’ to do from these movies, then was inspired to develop verbalizations of my pleasure on my own. The transformation of my moans was an important step during my continuing sexual development, and an essential movement away from societally enforced norms of female sexuality. So, how did you learn about your moans?

C. Silverberg’s article – here

Go Ask Alice addresses moaning – here

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