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Store Review: The Voluptuous Vixen (New Orleans)

July 8, 2008

Jackson Square in the French Quarter – just a few steps from The Voluptous Vixen.

Photo: Noreen’s 7 Art Studio

The Voluptuous Vixen: A Plus Size Boutique

Proprietress: Jaclyn McCabe

Location: 538 Madison St. Suite 1A, New Orleans, LA 7011t6

Phone: (504) 529-3588


Some of the more popular search terms that leads readers to this blog show a strong interest in sexuality resources for (and about) plus sized women and BBWs (Big Beautiful Women).  Although The Voluptuous Vixen is not, strictly speaking, an adult store I believe it fits here. As you will see in this review, the offer quite a bit in the way of pleasure, sexual and otherwise.  Even if you hate touristy areas, The Voluptuous Vixen is worth venturing into the picturesque French Quarter for!

Perhaps you will visit The Voluptuous Vixen in order to stock your wardrobe with delightful, fashion-forward garments for work.  Maybe you’ll go in order to pick out the perfect, most seductive formal gown or date outfit.  You could also drop by for a sexy swimsuit, adorable purse, or crowing bit of jewelry.  One wouldn’t even be disappointed if she entered in hopes of attractive yet solid foundation garments, from bras to mini-mollies.  I went to The Voluptuous Vixen in order to immerse myself in classy boutique shopping of the type that is rarely available in plus sizes.  What a pleasure to find all of this in one location, carefully crafted by proprietress Jaclyn McCabe, who will ensure that everyone leaves with outfits that look perfect.


Be ready to drop some choice cash at The Voluptuous Vixen, every dollar well spent.  Ms. McCabe, who is as lovely as she is fashion-savvy, takes pride in offering the most delightful and well-made fashions I have ever seen offered in a brick-and-mortar store carrying plus size clothing.  Her boutique is filled with unique apparel from a variety of top names rarely found together under one roof.  Furthermore, she can help you with those tricky “what not to wear” decisions, and teach you how that ballet wrap is really supposed to tied.  “Never tie a bow around your lunch,” she chided gently, offering welcomed assistance as I stepped out of the dressing room to show off my new treasure.  I picked up a fantastic patterned wrap, two casual dresses, and a set of 3 “mini-mollies” (short sleeved undershirts with an under-bust hem).  The next day I wore a molly with one of the dresses and got nonstop compliments at my professional conference.  I’m just thrilled!  Jaclyn McCabe is a goddess of plus size fashions, from sexy to subtle.  Make a point of stopping by to feel what it is like to shop in a world-class boutique designed specifically for large women, and to enjoy the many compliments you’ll collect on your new looks.


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