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Toy Review: Rosebud Anal Plug

June 27, 2008

rosebud anal toy

Rosebud Anal Plug, a GREAT toy! photo: A Woman’s Touch

Item: Rosebud, size small

Price: about $15

Purchased at: A Woman’s Touch in Milwaukee (also available on their website)

Summary: The Rosebud is a high quality silicone anal toy ideal for those interested in trying anal play, as well as those with more experience seeking a high quality toy. Made from a firm yet flexible silicone, with a comfortable ring for a flared base, one of its best qualities is the combination of a smoothly pointed bulb combined with a very narrow “neck.” These two qualities keep it comfortable and stimulating, yet ensure that
the toy doesn’t slip out in the heat of the moment. More after the jump!

For the lucky person wearing the Rosebud, not only do they have a cute toy in their bum, they get all of the fun of comfortable anal play. And make no mistake, anal play is fun for all genders! Combine your Rosebud with a healthy application of Maximus, or another high quality water-based lubricant (silicone lubes do NOT mix with silicone toys), slide it in, and enjoy the increased intensity of stimulation. For men, it can pleasure the prostate, and for anyone with an anus, it hits those lovely pleasure nerves in the back. Anal plugs like the Rosebud are a fun enhancement for both solo and partnered sex play and allow us to explore our bodies and eroticism in comfort. The opportunity to explore in comfortable ways can also enhance communication.

Pleasure: This particular toy is just really well made. The bulb at the insertable end is substantial, yet goes in easily with lube and relaxation. However, it does not come out until you want it to, even with vigorous activity. The loop at the end, which keeps the thing from slipping all the way in, also is easy for slippery fingers to grasp to rock it, twist it, or remove it. Last, but not least, this is a cheap toy for the high quality, making it one you can feel good about exploring anal play with, even if you’re not sure you’ll like it. Since it is made of silicone it can be easily sanitized by dipping in boiling water or washing with a good soap.

Concerns: Slippery fingers or very tight anuses may have to work just a little harder to insert this toy, since the neck is so thin. Other than that, I really cannot think of any concerns. It is modestly sized, with a great flared base, and can be removed with reduced hand strength and manual dexterity due to the loop. It is also easily cleaned.

A Woman’s Touch provided a highly enjoyable shopping trip, and even gave me a free packet of Maximus along with a list of directions for care and pleasure. If you find yourself in Wisconsin, be sure to visit this gem of a store. I’ll be reviewing it shortly! Things are a bit busy here, as I’m at the AASECT conference and have several wonderful reviews in the works.


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  1. July 29, 2008 12:46 am

    great toy but you will quickly grow out of it

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