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NY City is on a Roll!

June 27, 2008

NY City knows that safe sex and HIV tests make for pleasurable sexuality.

Photo: NY Times

I recently posted that NY City is in the process of getting a couple million female condoms. Now they’re working on a 3-year plan to give HIV tests to every person living in The Bronx! The good ol’ Bronx has the highest death rate of all boroughs of NY City, thus making it the focus of their testing efforts in spite of the higher infection rate in Manhattan. Folks in the Bronx are quite poor, and tend not to get tested, so those high infection rates are quickly turned into fatality statistics.

According to experts, 40% of Bronx residents have been tested in the past (wow!), so they’ll focus on the remaining 60% first, beginning by offering HIV tests to anyone going to clinics and ERs. These are optional, but will be encouraged, and testing sites include the jail at Rikers Island. One of the big keys seems to be getting around/through NY’s extremely strict consent laws regarding testing. Doctors are encouraged to practice their sell and get it down from nearly a half hour to just a few minutes, increasing the likelihood of consent.

Good job, NY City! Insert those female condoms, or roll on your male condoms, and get those HIV tests! Way to lead the country toward greater sexual health, and thus greater pleasure.

NY Times article – here article – here

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