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NY City to Distribute 2 Million Female Condoms

June 17, 2008

female condom

Female condom illustration –

According to The Daily Women’s Health Policy Report, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (mental hygiene..?)  has made a $2million contract to purchase 2 million female condoms for distribution to women around the city!  Way to go! More after the jump.

 Female condoms are more expensive than male, less readily available for purchase or free, and less often utilized.  They’re made of a polyurethane sleeve that is inserted sort of like a diaphram.  Think of a soft plastic sleeve that is open on one end and sealed on the other.  The sealed end has a soft plastic ring in it, and the open end’s “cuff” is also made of a soft plastic ring.  The ring in the sealed end is inserted completely into the vagina while the open end remains outside of the vulva.  It feels a bit like a comfy plastic baggy in there, and is loaded with lots of water based lubricant inside.  The male does not have to wear anything tight fitting, or deal with reduced sensation.  Polyurethane is especially good for transmitting heat, I might add.  

While many people prefer the standard male condoms, possibly because we’re more used to them, these are the condoms of choice for women who cannot negotiate for male condom use, since women can more easily take charge of wearing female condoms.  Now, I would say that if a girl can’t get her guy to use a condom, it’s time for a new man, but I’m aware that life is sometimes more complicated than that.  I also know that this is a great product for those who have difficulty getting condoms that fit well, women with painfully sensitive vaginas, and men who have difficulty with achieving full erections.  Plus, polyurethane condoms (whether male or female) are THE option for folks with latex sensitivity.

The condom happy health and hygiene people of NY City are confident that female condoms will continue to grow in popularity here in the states, especially as they become more widely familiar and available. They note the importance of giving a woman and her male partner/s choices of barrier methods, and I couldn’t agree more.  Way to go, NY City!  Keep up the healthy, happy, protected sexual pleasure.

Daily Women’s Health Policy Report article – here

NY City Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene – here 

Ask Alice article on using female condoms – here

Detailed info on female condoms, including how to use them and HIV prevention, from – here


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  1. May 6, 2009 7:18 pm

    You know, you make such a good point… If you try to argue with a guy about putting a condom on, he’ll never agree to put it on and just assume that you’ll give up. But if you go ahead and take the upper hand and just put the condom inside you, it’s not like he’s going to say no. I like that power play.

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