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Big (Booty) Love

June 15, 2008

Manuel Uribe and girlfriend Claudia Solis know how to enjoy sex across sizes


Depending on the historical era and the culture, fatness has been considered a very erotic attribute. In fact, it has been linked to health and prosperity for longer than the relatively modern movement to attribute it to malnutrition and poverty. One might say that it depends on which resources are most abundant, so when food and leisure are both rare, extra weight shows an access to these signifier of prosperity. Success has always been sexy, after all. Now-a-days the dollar menu is filled with nutrient weak, high calorie foods and fresh, low cal produce (and the time to prepare it) is just as far from the reach of many Americans as personal trainers and gym memberships. Thus, those who can eat healthy and work out clearly have access to those signifiers of prosperity, and thin is in. If thinness is in, that means fatness is increasingly common, and it so is. The good news here? For many lovers, fat sex is a hot commodity thats even getting a little press!

Manuel Uribe was once the fattest man in the world at over 1200lbs. With dedication, effort, and a lot of help from his girlfriend, Claudia Solis, he has dropped 500lbs and is now inthe 700lb range! Wow! Over 200lbs of that weight, by the way, is in the form of tumors on his legs from a failed liposuction surgery. On a recent article from, Manuel looks forward to standing for his wedding in a year, although the two of them are committed and already consider themselves married in the eyes of God. Bringing a smile to my face, Manuel also mentions that “We are a couple…we have sex.”

I’m sure I’m not only speaking for myself when I say that I was raised in a culture that taught me fat girls are attractive in spite of their weight, never because of their bodies. They have pretty smiles, nice eyes, cute dimples, maybe even luscious lips or chests, but never nice figures. It was a shock when I later discovered people, even whole communities, where larger women were desired specifically for that extra cushion for the pushing. As obesity rates rise, so the does acceptance and even the variety of resources available for sexy fat folks and those attracted to them. Check out some of the resources below:

Big Big Love – a wonderful book that is now out of print, but can be found used. This link also has a list of related titles. Go get ’em from your local, independent bookstore, if you are lucky enough to have one.

Toil Girls – Artist Les Toil creates gorgeous pin-up art by commission, but only for plus size women. Site includes gallery, store, and info on getting your own pin up made!

Big Gals Lingerie – More and more lingerie stores are offering larger sizes, most (like products by Shirley of Hollywood and Dream Girl. but Big Gals Lingerie designs their own, ranging from modest or delicate to tasty and trashy. Sizes run up to 12x, and plus sized models are frequently featured with products.

Liberator Sex Cushions – These specially shaped cushions with soft, washable covers are designed to assist with creative, comfortable love making positions. Liberators are also sold in wider cushion sizes, for wider bodies, as well as taller shapes for the tall folks. I just discovered that their main store is in Atlanta. Road trip! I have owned some of their products and really enjoyed them, however I suggest stretching before using them to find new levels of pretzel-ness, or else you’re going to need an advil the next day

There is also a variety of online personals and social groups on the web, including BBW (big beautiful woman) and BHM (big handsome man) and chubby chasers’ national conventions! Check out the National Association for the Advancement of Fat Acceptance (NAAFA), a political activist group, here.

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