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June 14, 2008

Pig In Boots

I can’t find a picture of SFSI, so here is a baby pig wearing boots for your viewing pleasure. I’ve been looking for an excuse to post this picture since the first time I saw it. Finally!

photo is from The Daily Mail online 

There is no shame in posting an adorable picture of a pig with a mud-phobia wearing boots.  There’s also no shame in asking your deepest or silliest sex questions, at least not when you call San Francisco Sex Information or email a question for their blog.  SFSI has been answering sex questions over the phone for over 30 years, offering info to thousands and thousands of callers.  As if that weren’t enough, they have also also trained over 1500 sex educators!  SFSI is consists completely of volunteers, making their accomplishments all the more impressive.  Folks, they are doing serious revolutionary and amazing stuff over there.  If you have a sex question check out their blog, which functions as a giant list of Q&As, or give ’em a call.  Should it so happen that your question is unique and you don’t want to call, go ahead and email it in to them.  Oh yeah, and toss ’em a buck or two to show ’em your love and gratitude.  The links for SFSI are also featured in the lists to the right, in case you need to find them again.

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