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Breaking News: Women Like Sex, Especially When We’re Not Feeling Oppressed By Society.

June 14, 2008


Although the parent’s portal at U of Florida’s website doesn’t mention it, research suggests that at least some of these students are having enjoyable sex with each other.

photo: New York Times


Live has reported that women like sex!  Alright ladies, that’s the green light, lets go!  Perhaps the more surprising finding is that, once in a relationship in which women presumably felt safe, they then ceased to worry so much about societal gender roles.  At that point women then and express as much of a desire for sex as men.  Now that is a finding that will surprise quite a few folks.  Men were also better able to buck societal stereotypes and influences about their gender once in relationships.  Good work fellow researchers, now lets take it to the next step and try to figure out how to get that same sense of freedom and desire for healthy, happy pleasure in all aspects of life, even while single.  I’ll get right to work on designing that study…

   I was impressed that the study, according to Live Science, showed that both men and women prized sexuality in relationships for it’s ability to build closeness and relational health, and even improve self confidence.  I can’t quite tell from the article how they found that result, but I read that they did.  On top of it, this study was predictably done on some undergrad psych students at the University of Florida, so one must be cautious in generalizing to the rest of the world.  I’m sure many an undergrad psych student is reading this blog – so there you go.  Keep up the good sex, Gators, even if you are our sworn rivals. article – here 

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