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Creativity and “Fullness” Best Parts of Pregnant Sex

June 13, 2008

Angelina Jolie from Entertainment Weekly

Photo: Entertainment Weekly

It’s time to talk about pregnant sex, and how to enjoy it! Heck, when a major movie star starts addressing it then I would be lax not to. Angelina Jolie (watch the site hits go up) was recently interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about a whole list of things, including the effect of her pregnancy on her and Brad’s sex life.

“I’ve heard people say it’s bad for the sex life.

No, I think it’s quite the opposite. It’s great for the sex life. It just makes you a lot more creative. So you have fun, and as a woman you’re just so round and full.” (quoted from this page)

Hmm…I’m round and full all of the time, but unlike the (very pregnant) Angelina I can tie my own shoes. I win!

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Anyway – I better stop comparing myself to Angelina while I’m still doing well! Of course, both points of hers are excellent. Unless you have a specific medical reason not to, sex while pregnant can be a wonderful and healthy experience. Medical complications, including a history of miscarriages, are all good things to talk over with your doctor in order to best determine the healthfulness of sex during your own pregnancy, of course. Be sure to ask for specific information about penetration, orgasms, etc., in order to get the information you need. If your doctor can’t or won’t answer these questions, find someone who will and consider switching doctors. Lastly, if you have any discomfort or bleeding during sex (or any other activity, really) call the doctor right away and NO sex after the water breaks. Yeah, you weren’t gonna do that anyway, I know.

However, barring any of those special situations, there is no need to reduce or cease sexual activity during pregnancy unless you want to! Some women even feel like having more sex, which is just fine.

Tips for happy pregnant sex:

– Use a nice, gentle water-based lubrication intended for sex. I’ve reviewed some here. Many women also want to use more lube in the weeks and months after giving birth.

– Dizzy or icky feeling on your back? Try new positions with the aid of pillows or even special sex cushions.

– It’s normal for sexual desire to change around, as well as your specific sexual interests. Afterall, pretty much everything else about your body is changing, why not that?

– Make sure you’re using condoms, and using them right. It’s not just for your health and safety anymore.

– Remember that sex is about far more than penetration. If you and/or your partner are not interested in the good old P’n’V, (assuming your partner is male, yeah you caught me) consider the many, many other ways to experience pleasure and intimacy. Perhaps, years ago, there was a time when you had all of those exciting sexual moments but held off on “going all the way.” Well, all of those options are still there and they still feel great. This is the perfect time to explore intimacy in new ways!

Talk to your doctor about when you can return to having sex after pregnancy. If there is no medical reason to delay, then you can do when you’re both comfortable, there is no bleeding, and you’re interested. Remember, you can get pregnant promptly after giving birth, even if you breast feed so take that into consideration. Above all, have fun and no matter how you express love and intimacy, have fun and explore within your comfort zone.

Handy WebMD Article on Pregnant Sex (for those who are in the mood and those who aren’t)

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