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We See You – Feminique Boutique

June 11, 2008

Jill McDevitt of Feminique Boutique

photo of Jill McDevitt from

Our hearty congratulations to Jill McDevitt, of Feminique Boutique, who faced a legal challenge from St. Agnes Church that was later withdrawn. As has been reported across the net, St. Agnes felt that the Feminique Boutique, which offers sexuality education and boutique-style plus feminist adult shopping, was at fault for corrupting the morals of children. More after the jump:

Although I have not (yet) visited the Feminique Boutique myself, by all accounts the store is tastefully decorated and does not look like anything smutty or even sexy from the outside. This is clearly a far departure from the sex-as-novelty style smutshops which most of us think of when we think of adult stores. Msgr. Edward Deliman of St. Agnes has clearly stated that he has never been inside the store himself, I might add. Perhaps he would have discovered an environment that supported the relationships of his parishioners by encouraging communication, honesty, respect and intimacy between partners. Maybe, just maybe, he would have even run into some of his own flock shopping inside… I hope to make a visit to this store as soon as my budget allows so I can return to you my own perspective on the store.

I’m particularly fond of this resident’s quote from ‘s website:

Customer Sam Dickerson, 54, a truck driver for West Chester University, said: “We put sex in the wrong box. Sex keeps you healthy. We need all this stuff, especially when you get older and things are slowing down.”

Keep speaking the truth, Sam!

Thankfully, St. Agnes changed their mind and is no longer questioning the zoning of Jill’s business. Several days after everyone jumped on the news they have opted, instead, to continue communication outside of the legal system.

So, to Sam and all of her customers and supporters: see we see you and thank you. To those at St. Agnes who moved to drop their legal opposition, you get a big smile, too. If you, reader, find yourself in the area of The Feminique Boutique be sure to stop by and drop a few dollars, and tell her thanks from us for keeping things classy and pleasurable.

Feminique Boutique’s site – here

Robert Henson Interviews Jill McDevitt (podcast) – here

Lazy Geisha’s text interview with Jill – here and breaking article here. article – here

In the Den w/ Dr. Jenn’s opinion piece, including religious/spiritual response – here

News article from – here

Opinion piece by – here

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  1. Brent E. Dyer permalink
    June 11, 2008 9:10 am

    Hmmmm, when I read about churches doing things like this, it makes me wonder what would happen if an adult boutique sued to close down a church for “corrupting the moral of children?”

    I mean, as far as I know, there are no recorded instances of children being molested in an adult toy store…

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