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Where & How Did You Learn About Sex..and Pleasure?

June 10, 2008

birds and the bees

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June 5th’s Sydney Morning Herald features a lovely set of interviews in which people share where and how they learned about ‘the facts of life’ the ‘birds and the bees’ or just about plain old sex. Most shared stories of special sex-ed day in school, or of conversations with their parents. Interestingly enough, even the young adults (ages 18-61 were represented) didn’t mention the internet. Certainly, that was one of my main sources of learning, along with my parents and a bit at school that I really can’t say that I understood. Yes, I admit it. I raised my hand and boldly, carefully asked “what is a ho-mo-sex-u-al?” I think my science teacher was more embarrassed than I was as she mumbled something about men who don’t have babies.

Come to think of it, no one mentioned partners either. Didn’t we all learn a lot about sex from our early partners? Perhaps, if we’re lucky, we continue to learn with our current partners, or throughout life with the same partner! Lastly, I saw no mention of pleasure from men or women. Well then, I still give generous brownie points for the article, as the interviews were a joy to read and the tips for talking with children about sex at the end were also excellent. The article cites The Sex Explanation Handbook, by Martha Gelin, published by Orion South, which I have not read but will make a point of looking for in the near future. So, dear readers, which of you will bravely share where and how you learned (and still learn) about sex AND pleasure? That’s what the comments section is for, so bring it on!

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  1. geekle permalink
    June 11, 2008 1:11 am

    Good question! I think you brought up two of the main places I learned. First, the internet: both through porn, of course, but also looking up a lot of educational resources and how-to guides to make sure I could be as pleasurable a partner as I could. And second, through my partners; I learned a lot about what I enjoy–and what I thought I’d enjoy but actually didn’t–through my first sexual partners. I continue to learn and explore with my spouse even today, as we suggest new activities and experiences to each other!

  2. June 11, 2008 6:21 am

    I learned it from school and real life,,nah it’s not what you are thinking, i mean from discussing it with friends!

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