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The Explorers Sex Positive Podcast

June 8, 2008


The home of The Explorer\'s Blog

We’re proud to announce that the first Explorers Sex Positive Podcast has been created and published!  This link will work for some of you:

The Explorers Sex Positive Podcast

For the rest of you, click here to go to the host page and have a listen!

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Welcome to The Explorer’s Podcast, the official show of Exploring Intimacy.  We’re fans of pleasure, whether it is emotional, relational or physical and so you can count on us for accurate and positive sex information. Visit us online at The Explorer’s Blog, or to leave your feedback, at .  I’m your host, Ruthie, and I’m glad you’re listening. This is also the place for The Please Interviews, our public art project featuring The Three Questions.  


1 – Romance & Finance

Ruth interviews her good friend, who also happens to be an experienced financial expert, about the over lap between romance and finance.  Later, the most recent blog posts are reviewed.  Finally, listen in on a windy day in downtown Asheville, NC as Ruth asks The Three Questions to visitors and locals as a part of our public art project: The Please Interviews.

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