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We Saw That, Seattle…

June 5, 2008

Sirbrina Guerrero

We saw that, Seattle, so don’t think you got away with it! The AP has reported that in late May former Tila Tequilla admirer Sirbrina Guerrero and a (female) date were chastised by an usher while watching a Mariners game. It turns out that a lady seated near them was not a fan of sapphic kisses and shared garlic fries, and opted to complain instead of hugging it out or just getting her own fries. You know she was jealous of those delicious yummies and was hoping to snap them up in the fray!

While many in the generally queer-friendly city have expressed their upset over the kissing ban (while het couples near by continued to make-out) others have been quoted as being particularly concerned about explaining it to their children. I’m worried about how to explain to my sweet little pups that some folks are more upset about a girly smooch in the stands than about institutional heterosexism! At 5 and 9 my little guys aren’t ready to face that kind of hate…

Congrats to all those across Seattle and across the web that have raised their voices to ensure that this sort of thing is not permitted to continue.  Good work!’s AP article, which is also where I linked to the above AP photo.

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