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Lube Review: Astroglide Liquid Glycerine & Paraben Free

June 1, 2008

Astroglide Glycerine & Paraben Free

Product: Astroglide Liquid Glycerine & Paraben Free

Pride: About $6.50

Purchased at: CVS

(Photo from the official site. Check it out for a free sample)

Summary: Astroglide GPF (it’s just too long to type out every time) is a light, thin lube especially suited for those who are sensitive to Glycerine and Paraben, chemicals commonly found in lubes. Cheap glycerine, by the way, can also be a feast for vaginal yeast, so most of us would do well to avoid it. Since Astroglide products have become nearly as easy to find as KY branded lubes, with shelf space in many drug and department stores, this is an easy to find product.

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Pleasure: As with all high quality lubes, Astroglide GPF is a wonderful way for most women to increase the physical aspect of sexual pleasure by making stimulation more comfortable and fun. Women naturally make a pretty limited amount of natural lubricant, which is decreases due to meds (like allergy meds, many anti-depressents, birth control, and lots of others), so a little extra is often a good thing. However, it isn’t very pleasurable when lube contributes to yeast infections or other types of discomfort caused by chemicals commonly found in these products. Cheap glycerines, the stuff that makes many water based lubes slick, is a type of sugar that natural yeasts in the vagina love to snack on, and so it often contributes to yeast infections in otherwise well-balanced happy-bits. Lube snobs, like myself, stay far away from such sugary stuff. Well, unless we’re reviewing products like KY Yours + Mine for you, of course. What about lube for men? Good idea! But not with a light lube like this.

At any rate, the ever-popular folks at Astroglide have decided to offer us a sugar free version with no different chemicals in it. What isn’t a chemical, really? That said, this is a lovely, very light lube with little-to-no taste or smell. By a light lube, we mean that it is thin (almost like water), highly spreadable, and pleasantly slick without reducing the friction by very much. For many women, just a little reduction of the friction is all they want, and these women will be pleased with Astroglide GPF. The product absorbs easily, so reapplication should be anticipated. In other words, keep the bottle as close as you can without crunching it with an elbow or other stray body part. Lovely for partnered and solo exploration and/or play focused on the vulva, it absorbs nicely (though rapidly) and does not get sticky or gooey as it dries.

Raises Concerns for: Since this is a VERY light lube, it is not suitable for anal play, men’s handjobs, or other stimulation where it will quickly dry or absorb. Those who prefer not to reapply should avoid this product, as it soaks in and won’t come back with spit or water. The product comes in a squeeze bottle with a safety seal under the lid, so some manual dexterity is needed, although it requires much less hand strength that the KY Yours + Mine bottles do. Those seeking a pump bottle with a thicker glycerine-free product that won’t drip to somewhere other than where you want it should check out larger bottles of Maximus.

Unique Use: Since the official site is giving away free samples you can slip little hint or tease to a loved/lusted one, or anonymously send a surprise to a friend! Gotta love the free samples.

Summary: Great product for those seeking a light, spreadable, readily absorbed lube that won’t grow the yeasties or agitate with commonly used chemicals.  Easily found in stores.  However, if you’re looking for a premium and/or natural and organic product I suggest considering the following:

  • Favorite vaginal lube (Yes) – here
  • Favorite anal lube (Maximus) – here

All sex lubricant reviews – here

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