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Review: Maximus Lube

May 25, 2008

Maximus Lube

Product: Maximus lube by BodyWise (photo from & linked to their site)

Price: About $20 for 250ml

Purchased At: Aphrodite’s Toybox of Atlanta (can be bought online at many sites, too)

Summary: This product is an all time favorite one, much loved by lube snobs around the world. A thick, water based gel, it’s glycerine (a type of sugar yeast can love) free and biostatic. That means it won’t become a nice home or buffet for bacteria, fungi, yeast, etc.

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Pleasure: Maximus is very thick (in a good way) and very slick, with a flavor that some find slightly sweet and others can’t taste at all. This is the lube of champions, my friends, and worth every penny of the cost of getting the best imported from the UK to your bedroom. Often marketed to gay men as an anal lube, this item avoids the pitfall of being greasy or gloppy (unless you apply a lot several times, in which case it leaves some glop), making it superior to many other back-door helpers. For couples or singles who struggle with vaginal dryness caused by medications (allergy meds, birth control, chemo treatments, you name it) to those who just like the extra wetness wherever, you will not be left high and dry. Most women make less than a teaspoon of natural lubrication when aroused, so it’s always good for ladies (and those who love them) to have a good product on hand (on hand..heehee). Adding lubricant to solo or partnered play can aid in comfortable exploration and make it far easier to keep the clitoris/anus/vulva/(your happy place here) pleasurably stimulated. And, it helps reduce friction so it makes for even safer sex with combined with a condom. Condom and silicone-toy safe, body friendly, and nicely packaged, I can’t recommend it highly enough.  Our male reviewer noted that it is a fine water-based choice for his solo play, front and back.  Buy it now, thank me later.

Raises Concerns For: This product comes in a squeeze bottle, single-serving foil pack, or pump bottle, so you can have portability or ease of use across most levels of manual dexterity and strength. About the only people who won’t or can’t enjoy this product are those who prefer a light, watery lubricant. They may prefer Liquid Silk (a medium weight lubricant also by Bodywise) or original Slippery Stuff.  If you apply quite a bit, several times, for vigorous fun then you are likely to be left with a bit of a gloppy sensation. 

Unique Use: You might actually be able to give a bit of a massage with this stuff, if your ceiling fan is off to keep the water-base from drying too fast. Regardless, this gel is thick enough to stay wherever you put it, which raises a lot of possibilities for pranks or other creative…applications!

Summary: Great for lube snobs of any gender or gender combination who like a gel, and less likely to irritate due to biostatic nature and lack of glycerine. Maximus holds the top spot in our Hall of Fame for anal lubricants, and comes in at a close second (behind Yes) for vaginal lubricants.

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