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Review: KY Yours + Mine

May 23, 2008

KY Yours + Mine Advertisement

Product: KY Yours + Mine

Price: About $15

Purchased at: Target

Summary: KY Yours + Mine is an attractively packaged pair of vials of lubricant, marketed toward heterosexual couples interested in exploring and spicing things up a bit. Customers are directed to apply the gendered lubricants to each other and to expect something “special” when they are combined.

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She said: Let me start out by explaining that I am proud to be a lube snob, and it is my goal to convince you to be one, too. Novelty lubricants are not my thing, especially since they tend to be cheaply made and contain sugars, which are not a good idea, as they can promote infections. That said, I will come out and say that the packaging sold me. Not only did they look like magical blue and pink test tubes out of a naughty sci-fi movie, they could also be confused for classy little toys. It turns out that both lubes are better than your typical novelty product, although not up to my snobby standards of slickness. The pink “Mine” vial contained a reasonably slick substance with a strong minty smell and tingle. Depending on the amount used, it could be fun or too intense. The “Yours” vial contained a thick, gooey liquid, that I hesitate to even call a lube. However, it had a warming quality that was fun and a pleasant, yet intense, sweet flavor. When they are combined, the female partner can experience both the warmth and tingling. I wouldn’t put these on the bedside table, but they’re fun for spicing things up.

He said: I admittedly was put off by the novelty-good feel of the Yours + Mine promise of some explosive reaction when the two lubricants were combined. But I found that these were fairly high-quality lubricants that, while not magical in any way, worked fairly well and were more appealing than many other available-in-drugstores lubes. The “Yours” lube had a sweet taste, basically indistinguishable from many other flavored lubricants, and a warming sensation that was actually strong enough to be felt, unlike many other “heating” lubes. It seemed to be too tacky and insubstantial for manual play; clearly this lubricant was mostly meant for the heat sensation. The “Mine” had a pleasant minty scent, but unfortunately, taste was not as much a focus in this one, as it was a bit more bitter and could leave an unpleasant tingling sensation on the tongue in moderate amounts. It was slicker and thinner and more effective as an actual lubricant. While there was no sudden burst of sexual alchemy when they were combined, the two lubes did prove to be enjoyable for teasing foreplay (particularly the “Yours”) and intercourse and female-centric manual play (particularly the “Hers”). These certainly won’t replace any of my current favorites (I’ve caught the lube-snob bug), but they were fun change of pace.

Pleasure: This product is clearly designed to encourage boy/girl couples to explore each other and have a little fun (the packaging specifically mentions that these should be used to extend foreplay and encourages partners to apply the lubes to each other). Couples who already have some comfort with communicating their wants and experiences will have fun telling each other what their respective products feel like. The novelty sensations could certainly enhance things, too. Couples who are concerned about low sensitivity or are not fond of the smell of her body or the taste of his may also like these. Medical situations such as chemotherapy came to mind, for example. This is one of the few male sensation lubes we’ve seen that he can actually feel.

Raises concerns for: Anyone not in a male/female couple. Couples who already enjoy her smell and his taste. Anyone with poor hand strength (bottle are hard to squeeze) or low manual dexterity, since the cap must be unscrewed and a safety seal removed (also, would be easy to over-apply). Any women with a sensitivity to products containing sugars. Anyone seeking moderate to high slickness from their lubrications.

Unique use: The bottles could double as toys, or props in a spicy sci-fi roleplay. Also, at 1.5 Fl Oz size apiece, the bottles could go on an airplane as they are or re-used for later travel.

In summary, she thinks it was worth the price, and was particularly fond of the packaging, which is nicely done and attractively sensual. It is a fun product to use, however, it isn’t the sort of thing that is meant to be a regular addition to play. She also felt guilty buying something so clearly heterosexist and uncomfortably putting all of the KY chemicals and sugars into her body.  Not suitable for lubricating, but fun for novelty sensations and stimulation.

He also thinks the product was decent for the cost, and he appreciates the focus on foreplay and mutual pleasure of the product’s packaging blurbs. But he’s bothered by the implications of making the male lube taste good, while making the female lube smell strongly, with less focus on taste, as well as the heterocentrism. They were a fun trial, but nothing worth re-buying.

If you’re looking for premium lubes, or those with fewer chemicals and sugars, I suggest the following:

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  1. SeventhBase permalink
    December 26, 2009 10:05 pm

    Did anyone try switching the two? What about same-sex couples? I’d hate to be gendered by, of all things, lube.

    • January 5, 2010 5:12 pm

      It’s a pretty gendered product, no doubt about it. We did try switching them and found that the pink bottle’s tingle didn’t do anything for him, although the blue bottle was somewhat warming for her (without the tingle). The combination didn’t get the tingle to quite where it needed to go, unfortunately. Others may have a different experience, though.

  2. January 12, 2010 7:21 am

    Fantastic work. You have gained a new subscriber. I hope you keep up the good work and I look forward to more of the same excellent posts.

  3. February 7, 2010 6:46 am

    I enjoy examples of the articles that have been written, and especially the comments posted! Really cool

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